About Us

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Pacific/Atlantic Crop Exchange, Inc. (PACE) assists tree nut, dried fruit, and seed suppliers in marketing their products to both domestic and global markets. Our full service staff specializes in meeting each of our client's unique demands at a competitive price. As brokers we are able to offer honest and unbiased market information, which our clients are able to rely on, in order to make the difficult selling or purchasing decisions they face on a daily basis.

Founded in 1989 and located in the San Francisco Bay Area, PACE has built close working relationships with numerous processors in the Almond, Walnut, Pistachios, Raisin, Prune, Pecan industries, as well as others. We also represent international suppliers of
Turkish Apricots, Figs, Dates, Thai Dried Fruits, Chinese Pepitas, and others, as well.

Whether it is general market information, ordering or contracting single or of multiple items, or contracting containers,
Pacific/Atlantic Crop Exchange is ready to meet your needs.